Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Food Diet


Since some Hollywood stars admitted that they underwent baby food diet to get a slim body, this diet directly became popular among women. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whitherspoon are two Hollywood celebrities who ate baby foods.

But is it true that baby food can create an ideal body? According to the Times of India, baby food diet promises a faster weight loss. However, there are some things you should know before trying this diet.

Type of baby foods that can be consumed
For starters, all types of baby food can be consumed. There are no specific guidelines regarding the amount or type of food you can consume. You can eat baby food at dinner, as a snack, and even can be consumed throughout the day.

Basically, the baby food diet is a way of changing the diet by replacing high-calorie foods with baby foods.

Another positive thing is that baby foods contain very low preservatives and additives.

Advantages and disadvantages
Baby food diet actually forces you eat snacks without flavor and softer. Most as porridge served in the corresponding portion of the packaging.

In theory, eating baby food becomes a weight-loss strategy to make it faster. Because, you can still eat snacks and eat some calories but the amount of intake is restricted.

However, keep in mind, baby foods are full of essential nutrients for infant growth, but not designed for adults.

Besides that, this diet is not instructed to exercise. In fact, baby foods still contain calories. If you apply the baby food diet without exercising regularly, then your desired goals may not necessarily be achieved.

Many diet experts say that the diet do not provide any benefit because it can lead to overeating without any mark of amount of intake. Eating fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots or seasonal fruit as a snack will be far more beneficial than eating excess baby foods.

Another thing is that baby foods is included as processed foods that may be lacking in fiber, calcium and vitamins. Baby food is does not require much effort to chew. So that it makes you feel hungry easier although you have consumed large quantities. Baby food also has a price that is quite expensive.

Experts agree, overall baby food diet does not seem to recommended as a healthy food to lose weight in a long time.

To stay healthy and slim, it is better to do a healthy diet by eating nutritious foods in a balanced way. Regular exercise will improve the quality of the diet while maintaining your health.