Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Tattoo

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Having a tattoo could cause various risks. One should consider carefully before deciding to get a tattoo. Nowadays tattoo had become some kind of a trend amongst teenagers.

Tattoo is one form of art  which is  permanent, until today there has been no single technique  which can completely remove tattoos.

Actually there haven’t been any cases of tattoo causing serious illness, the worst effect that could happen is probably an irritation. While the risk of infection can occur when creating a tattoo with a non-sterile needles or ink that contains dangerous substances.

As quoted from Hubpages, Wednesday (3/3/2010), there are some advantages and disadvantages of having a permanent tattoo, namely:

Disadvantages have a permanent tattoo

1. The pain we feel when making a tattoo.
2. The high cost of making a tattoo.
3. Tattoo is permanent and can not be removed easily, if you want to erase it, it does not always work 100 percent and the price is very expensive.
4. After years, the color can fade or appear fault lines of the drawing.
5. Fashion and trends always changes, you could have a trendy tattoo now, and be quite ancient the next few years.
6. Maybe the tattoo will look attractive at the age of 20, but it would be a strange thing after the age of 50.
7. There is risk of infection from each tattoo, such as from non-sterile needles or ink that contain dangerous substances.

Benefits have permanent tattoos

1. Tattoos can express personal, artistic or meaningful messages for the owner of the body.
2. There are certain satisfaction if you have something different to anyone else.
3. Tattoos can be a characteristic of a person.

Dr. Roy Geronemus, director of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York tells us there are several ways you can do to remove the tattoo on the body such as the use of laser light, rubbing cream into the existing body tattoo, excision techniques (tattoos and remove all the skin layers underneath to leave a prominent scar) and dermabrasion (remove the skin layer by means such as sanding, but may damage the skin).

Until now laser technique is more effective than other methods, but the skin color can also be a critical success factor. Because the laser works by distinguishing between skin color and the color of the tattoo, if there is no much difference it is difficult to remove tattoos.

“There is a risk scars or loss of natural skin pigment when using laser techniques, especially for people who have dark skin. The average treatment takes a few times to remove it,” Geronemus said.

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