Adverse Effect of Drastic Weight Loss


Successful weight loss can really be a certain satisfaction. Moreover, if in a short time, you could drastically lose weight. Some can even lose 5 kilograms in a month.

Strict diet does work, cheeks become more gaunt, old jeans can be used again, but don’t be to happy yet. There are side effects that not many people know which is caused by drastic weight loss. This is why some people say you do not need a strict diet. These are the signs of unhealthy diet.

1. Rapid weight gain
Quickly goes down, quickly goes up. This can easily happen because the body accumulate calories when dieting. Intensive diet regardless of nutrition, makes the body lacks vitamins and minerals.

So, when you’re satisfied with your current weight and eats as usual, do not be surprised if your weight will rise rapidly. Ideally, body weight decreases 0.5 kilogram in one week. If total, it is about 2 kilograms per month. So, do weight loss slowly if you want to be more stable.

2. Malnutrition
Dry skin, bleeding gums, pale face, or hair loss. It’s a sign that you are suffering from malnutrition due to diet. If it is not treated, as quoted by Health Me Up, the body will easily be affected by diseases because the immune system does not work well.

3. Irregular menstruation
Be careful if you are on a strict diet and taking diet pills, it can adversely effect the reproductive system. In fact, your diet affects organ function and work as a whole. When diet and physical activity changes, your body adjusts. Including hormones, the impact is that ovulation is not as usual and menstruation becomes irregular.

4. Irritability
Depression, stress, emotional instability, is a psychological effect when you are on a strict diet. Especially if you are obsessed with weight loss. Be careful if you feel happy when hungry and guilty when full. It’s a sign of an unstable psychological conditions because of diet. Usually, this is accompanied by decrease in sexual desire.