After 36 years, baby bones are finally removed from ther mother’s womb


After 36 years, baby bones are finally removed from ther mother's womb

An Indian woman did not realize that there is a fetus in the womb that is already dead. After 36 years passed, this woman does not know that the fetus is still in the womb and has turned into bones. After experiencing stomach constant pain, this woman realized something was wrong with her body.

Kantabai Thakre, the name of the woman, pregnant at the age of 24 years in 1978 At that time the doctor explained that the baby has a small chance to live because it grows outside the uterus. However, for fear of the shadow operation, this woman fled and did not return to the doctor again. Instead, she went to a small clinic to overcome the pain in her body.

A few months later, when the pain began to disappear, Thakre felt that the problem was already solved and no longer thought about whether there is a fetus in the womb. But 36 years later, when she is 60-year-old, she began experiencing constant and severe pain on her stomach. Not only that, she also experienced problems with the bladder channel and often suffer from fever. Thakre also went to the doctor in Nagpur.

After 36 years, baby bones are finally removed from ther mother's womb2

Doctors found a bulge in the lower abdomen. Furthermore, she did sonography and CT scans. The doctor was surprised when they found a collection of bones in the woman’s stomach. Initially doctors thought the lump was cancerous, but apparently not.

“When we inquired about her health history, she was told that she had been pregnant in 1978, but her baby died. She explained that she was afraid to undergo surgery and returned to the village without removing the fetus from her womb. She only gets treatment from local clinics in her village, “said Dr. Murtaza Akhtar, chief surgeon at the hospital, as reported by the Daily Mail (8.21).

According to Dr. Akhtar, Thakre’s case could be the longest ectopik pregnancy case  in the world. The team of doctors looked for literature on similar cases and found that a Belgian woman also had experienced the same with Thekra, but only for 18 years.

Doctors estimate that the amniotic fluid that protects the fetus absorbed over time leaving only the tissue that encloses the bones alone. No wonder if Thekra has problems with bladder and have a fever because when it was found, the pile of bones were wrapped and stuck to the bladder, bowel, and uterus.