Aggressive children tend to become alcoholics as a teenager


Aggressive childChildren, whether are likely to become alcoholics can be seen from their behavior as a child. Research shows that children who have behavioral problems when aged under five years are more likely to become alcoholics as a teenager.

Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University used data involving 12,647 participants who were observed when they were aged six and 69 months, and by the time they are 15 years old.

Researchers found that children who have bad behavior when they are a toddler are more likely be closer to alcohol when they were teenagers. Some of these behaviors, including hyperactivity, childish levels, and aggressiveness. However, not only badly behaved children who are at risk to be close to alcohol as adults. Children who too often socialize are also at risk.

“Parents should be vigilant about this,” said lead researcher Danielle Dick, as reported by the Daily Mail (11/07).

Many researchers observed the use of alcohol in adolescents and more focused on teens and adults. But Dick found teens are not the same as a blank paper. Their behavior certainly has much affected since childhood.

Dick believes this discovery could provide information that parents could use to prevent their children to become close to alcohol. If you find bad behavior in children as a child, parents can take preventive actions so that the child is not related to alcohol or free sex during teenager and adult.