Aging Triggers Changes in Facial Bone Shape


facial bone changes with ageHave you ever wondered what makes you look older? A new study shows that wrinkles and sagging is a sign of aging that can be seen from the texture of the skin. However, the signs of aging can also be influenced by the aging of the facial bones.

Robert B. Shaw, Jr. and his colleagues from the University of Rochester Medical Center, analyzed the ‘computed tomography scan’ of facial bones of the three age groups. Young age (ages 20 to 40), middle-aged (41-64), and older (65 and over).

Detailed measurements in three-dimensional reconstruction of CT scan showed some important differences in facial bone structure between these three age groups. “Facial frames experience morphology changes and the overall volume decline with age,” wrote the researchers.

One prominent change is an increase volume in the ‘orbital aperture’ area, namely, the eye sockets. In men and women, the eye sockets become wider and longer with age.

Aging also affects the center of the facial bones, including a decrease in the brow, nose, and angle of the upper jaw.

The length and height of the lower jaw also decreases with the addition of age. Although changes occur in men and women, this change appears faster in women between the young and middle age.

While in men, most of the changes occurred between middle age and old age. “Components of essential facial bones affect the overall three-dimensional contours of the face,”the researchers wrote in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons journal.