Air pollution increase the risk of maternal hypertension


Air pollution increase the risk of maternal hypertensionAir pollution had always been considered very dangerous for breathing. However, a recent study revealed that air pollution does not only harm the respiratory system alone. Air pollution also can have a bad effect on women who are pregnant.

The results of a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health shows that air pollution can increase blood pressure and lead to hypertension in pregnant women. Compared with pregnant women who are not exposed to air pollution, pregnant women that are exposed to air pollution are more likely to be affected by hypertension.

Based on the observations of researchers at the University of Florida, pregnant women who are exposed to hypertension due to air pollution are more likely to experience complications that can endanger the mother and fetus, this is as reported by Softpedia.

The results of the study was found after researchers conducted observations of medical data from 22,000 women who gave birth in Jacksonville, Florida between 2004 and 2005. In addition, researchers also relate to air quality in the area of ??residence of the pregnant women. Researchers did not include women who had a history of early hypertension for the sake of the validity of data.

Researchers found that pregnant women with hypertension are those who are constantly exposed to pollutants in the air such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particle pollution or others. Researchers Xiaohui Xu, MD, Ph.D., explained that the fetus in the womb is very sensitive to many environmental factors.

Air pollution is one of the factors that could affect the health and development of infants, as well as lead to complications in pregnant women. Mothers should not only pay attention to the food consumed during pregnancy, but also the air they breathe.

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