All About Hair loss Medicine and It’s Dosage


Propecia contains active ingredient finasteride which works to prevent the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Dihydrotestosterone is substance formed on scalp when testosterone and enzyme type II 5 alpha reductase react with each other. The hormone which is created as a result then gets into hair follicles and works to damage and shrink them, preventing visible hair from growing. In short propecia works by blocking the process which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone on scalp. Scientist believe that DHT and family history are key factors for hair loss in men for the same reason the propecia finasteride blocks the DHT formation on scalp and in this way male pattern baldness is treated.

Dosage of Propecia

Propecia contains the active ingredient finasteride. It is prescription treatment so should be taken only if doctor prescribes you. One can get Propecia online which comes in 1mg tablet form taken once a daily. It need at least 3 month continue treatment for effective result. You may need to take propecia pills for 12 months if you stopped treatment in mid then the result you have got may roll back that means the hair you got on scalp may be lost again and if it is not working on you even after 12 months then you may not get benefitted later on so better you should stop taking pills further.

Propecia UK

Propecia is FDA approved drug and it is available in UK since 1997. Since it is launched it has developed and maintained the faith of male pattern baldness by providing effective result for hair loss. Propecia UK can be ordered online from licensed pharmacy.

Propecia Side effects

Propecia has some side effects as other medicine have. Very few men have experienced sexual side effects like less desire for sex, difficulty in achieving erection, decrease amount of semen but these side effects goes away as man stop taking propecia. There are also some other side effects like body rash, itching at some parts of body, hives on body, swelling of face and lips. Apart from these breast enlargementArticle Submission, nipple discharge and testicular pain are other side effects which are faced by man who take the propecia 1mg pills. Very few men have to stop treatment due to side effects. Almost all men experience no further hair loss and hair growth in them.

How to order propecia online

Propecia is prescription treatment for hair loss so before you order propecia finasteride you will need a valid prescription. It is very convenient to order propecia from your home or from your office with online pharmacy. You can have free online consultation where you have to fill your personal details and a medical detail which is evaluated by GMC doctor after which doctor provides with prescription if he finds that patient can be treated with propecia. You will get free door step delivery with free of cost once you order propecia online. Before you order you must check if it is secured online clinic or not.