Aloe Vera Yogurt Scrub makes your skin clean and moist


Aloe vera has many benefits, both for beauty and health. Likewise yogurt. Mixing the two is the right one to solve skin problems.

Lignin is one of the compounds contained in the leaves of Aloe vera. These compounds maintain moisture and prevent skin allergies. Anthraquinone and other contents are amino acids. Both help the process of skin regeneration and renew immediately to produce new cells and eliminates dead skin cells. Aloe vera also contains saponins which act as antibacterial and anti fungal.

Then what about yogurt? As a variant of the acidified milk products, yogurt contains various substances, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, protein, and yeast. Elements that can moisturize the skin naturally.

Aloe vera and yogurt are then combined to skin care. Skin care with aloe vera is excellent for healing and eliminate the black spots on the skin naturally. Also contains a natural moisturizer for skin moist. While the yogurt contains lactic acid which is good to brighten dull skin.With regular treatments, the body will feel fresh and fit, a smooth blood circulation, recharge the vitality of the body.

Everyone, all ages, can undergo this treatment. Only pregnant women and those with other illnesses should consult with a therapist.