Always feel full? It could be a symptom of stomach cancer


symptom of stomach cancer

For most people, especially who want to lose weight, satiety is always coveted. Because satiety is able to make them escape from a desire for snacking or overeating. That is why they will feel relaxed if they are always full.

But be careful with prolonged satiety. Because it could be a one of the symptoms of stomach cancer.

There are two reasons why satiety could indicate cancer. “With the presence of a tumor in your stomach, then you will feel that your stomach is always full so there is a sense of satiety. And on a broader scale, the cancer may lead to the secretion of various hormones in the body that can suppress appetite,” said Justin Stebbing, a doctor who specializes in cancer at Imperial College London.

He also added that the size of the tumor that grows probably will not make a difference of the satiety felt. “The size of the tumor that grows in the stomach will still make you lose your appetite.”