Amazing Secret To Fat Loss Found In A Glass Of Water


There is something strange with the human body. The very simplest things seem to cause it to respond in the most desirable ways. Take an ordinary experiment for example.

Place a little butter in a glass of water. The butter (mostly fat) seems to easily, effortlessly separate from the water.This is absolute. It happens every time.Of course, alone that is nothing too exciting. But take the lessons learned from that single experiment and you find an amazing secret to fat loss.

You see, the shocking thing that I’ve been fortunate enough to learn is that losing weight is not complicated. It is simple. You need only take lessons learned from nature. And a fundamental lesson is that fat and water don’t mix. Our little butter experiment clearly demonstrates that.

And it is for this reason that drinking abundant supplies of water is one of the greatest secrets to fat loss. It seems to make your body repel excess fat. It is only logical that if the fat doesn’t mix with water on the outside, then it won’t mix on the inside either. And studies seem to confirm this.

You probably have heard that two out of every three Americans are overweight. The shocking part is that two out of every three Americans are also dehydrated. The link between your excess fat and dehydration cannot be denied. Your body is a sponge!

Every cell needs water to survive. Thrive. If you’re dehydrated the smallest cells of your body (its building blocks) will not function optimally.This causes a whole slew of problems. Excess body fat being among the many. In other words, a dehydrated body tends to store elevated levels of waste, leading to excess body fat. The bottom line here is that you need to ask yourself one simple question…

“How much water am I drinking?”

Odds are unless you can honestly say you are filling your glass up to the rim ten or more times per day, then you are NOT getting enough. It is a bit surprising. But you should be drinking ten to twelve or more 8-ounce glasses of water every day. This not only seems to work wonders for your health, energy and appearance… but it seems to greatly increase the rate you eliminate excess fat.

Now there are certainly no guarantees here. If all you do is just start drinking more water than your weight loss probably won’t speed up. But if you combine this secret to fat loss with diet and exercise, then the results tend to be greatly enhanced. I’m speaking from experience here. I was able to lose 30 pounds in just 30 days. This amazing secret played a huge role.