Amputated, Christina Stephens replaced her leg with lego!


Christina Stephens replaced her leg with legoLoss of an organ does not mean one’s creativity is also missing. Physical limitations is not a reason for someone to not evolve and develop their potential. This is apparently proven by Christina Stephens.

Despite losing one of her leg, she is still able be creative. She took off her artificial leg, and then assembled the new prosthesis with an array of lego! She quickly compiled and then installed on her leg. Although the end of the lego was uncovered, she still tried to set it up again.

A five minute video was uploaded on June 12, 2013 on YouTube and was viewed more than 164 thousand viewers. In an account named AmputeeOT, she recorded various activities. Stephens shared inspirational stories that someone who is amputated can move like normal people.

As quoted by the Huffington Post (2/7), Stephens was actually an occupational therapist and clinical researchers. The woman underwent amputation after a leg injury earlier this year. She uploaded a new video to YouTube every week.

Check out the video below:

Being disabled is not the end, but you still can be an inspiration to others.