An 18 months Old Toddler Weighs 19 Kilograms


Dan Dan obese chinese babyMost people like to see toddlers who are fat and chubby. These toddlers of course looks very cute and adorable. However, a body weight of a Chinese infant aged 18 months old, Dan Dan, upsets his parents. This boy’s body weight had already reached 19 kilograms at a very young age.

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The parents, Cheng Lichao and Feng Xiaochun , are very concerned of Dan Dan’s condition, and do not know the cause of their baby’s excess weight. His over sized body is one of the cause why Dan Dan is not yet able to walk.

This toddler was taken a Children’s Hospital in Hunan Province. However, despite having visited various hospitals, the doctors could not explain the obesity of their second child.

Feng said, Dan, was born in a normal birth weight. “He began to grow rapidly at the age of one month,” she said, as reported by The Sun.

She added that Dan Dan’s weight, began to skyrocket since then. “When he was one year old, his body weight reached 15 kg, heavier than her sister who weighs 13 kilograms at the age of five years.

As a toddler, Dan, and has a big appetite. “Every meal he needs to eat a big bowl of rice and drink lots of water.”

There are some researches about obesity in children. One of them shows that women who gets pregnant during a diet, tends to have obese child.