An Orange is More “Powerful” Than Pills


Scientists discovered the reason why an orange gives greater benefits for you than taking Vitamin C pills or other pills.

Researchers at Brigham Young University, Utah, United States, in a research report published in the Journal of Food Science stated that oranges contain a unique mix of antioxidants. This combination provides a far more effective benefits than if the substances in orange are consumed separately.

Antioxidants are known as a substance that is useful to slow the aging of body cells, protect against cancer, and help prevent heart disease.

“There’s something behind the benefits of orange which is better than swallowing a capsule of Vitamin C, and that’s what we are trying to know. We think that the particular mixture of antioxidants in the oranges gives good benefits for you,” said Tory Parker, an assistant professor of nutrition, diet and food science at Young University, according to the Telegraph.

Parker and his team reviewed whether the content of a variety of phenol- a natural chemical which are antioxidant and antimicrobial- work in “synergy”. This component is used by plants to protect themselves from decomposition and biological attacks.

The researchers eventually concluded that their theory is true. “Fruit should be your dessert. And remember, before cakes, candy, and other sweet snacks consumed, fruit is a sweetener for us,” said Parker.