Anorexia Are Also Experienced by Children


anorexiaEating disorders diseases like anorexia or bulimia are generally experienced by teenagers and young girls. But surprisingly, there are facts that girls who are not yet 10 years old have also been obsessed with food and weight.

If people with bulimia can not control their tremendous appetite, anorexia sufferers try consume foods and drinks as less a possible because they feel overweight. Although their body are already very skinny, anorexic people are not going to stop their “fast” because they still feel overweight.

The most fatal result of anorexia if not handled properly is death. But before it becomes fatal, people with anorexia can be threatened by a variety of diseases. Later they can be affected by heart disease, anemia and bone loss.

According to data in England, the number of girls who are hospitalized due to anorexia and bulimia has doubled in 2009. Every year 1,500 patients of eating disorders are treated in hospitals and one of the six patients were teenagers aged less than 14 years.

People with anorexia often do not have pride in themselves and sometimes they feel that they do not deserve to eat. Do not be surprised if you find people with anorexia who feel ashamed of eating in public. They like to feel guilty for consuming food.

A survey also shows, a mother who are strict in meal or on a diet are risky to have children who suffer from eating disorders too. Although most children who suffer from anorexia and bulimia are those who are obsessed with the appearance of  an actress or model.

Parents are advised to be vigilant when their children begins to make excuses for not eating and exercising excessively because they are afraid of being fat. The role of parents is also important to help change negative self-image in patients with anorexia.

Source: Telegraph