Anorexia is a sign of brain abnormalities?


Anorexics always feel their body looks big in the mirror. Although in essence, what they see is not in accordance with reality.

This spurred them to try to maintain their weight with strict dieting and excessive exercise. After investigation, the scientists found that this eating disorder is probably derived from error connections in the brain.

In this study, scientists from the University of Bochum in Germany studied brain regions tissues that are activated when a person sees his photograph, as reported by the Daily Mail.

For that, they asked ten women who suffered from anorexia and fifteen healthy women to assess their body silhouette on the computer.

Results showed that women who suffer from anorexia feel their bodies are fatter than healthy participants. Then the scientists also recorded the brain activity of 25 participants using an MRI scanner while they were looking at the photos on the computer.

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