Apparently, pollution can also make you fat

Apparently, pollution can also make you fat

Overweight and air pollution appears as two unrelated things. Obesity is correlated with diet and lifestyle, while pollution is associated with respiratory health and health problems such as asthma. But in fact, obesity and air pollution were all related.

A study revealed that air pollution can affect a person’s chances are overweight or obese. Not only that, if this is allowed, the pollution will lead to obesity could also be one of the factors of cardiovascular problems, as reported by Health Site (01/03).

“We found that people who are exposed to more pollution is usually more at risk of obesity. They also indicate the level of cholesterol and blood sugar higher,” said Juan Pedro Arrebola researchers from the University of Granada, Spain.

The results obtained after the researchers analyzed the level of pollutants in the fat tissue of 300 participants, men and women in Granada. The level of pollution (POP) in their neighborhood are known to affect how their bodies store fat and lead to obesity or overweight.

Through a complex statistical methods, the researchers confirmed that the level of OPO that accumulates in the body associated with obesity and also can affect cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the human body. So start with air pollution alert from now on. Pollution is not only dangerous to the health of the lungs, but also for the health of the body and can lead to obesity, and obesity.

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