Apparently, smokers are not able to taste bitter!


smokers are not able to taste bitter

Health tips – Are you a smoker and is trying to stop your bad habit? Better to try to stop it. Because according to a research reported from indiatimesa smoker’s ability to taste the bitter taste will continue to decrease because of this habit.

A team of researchers from the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in France tested the ability of 451 participants who were smokers and non-smokers to recognize the four basic flavors of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. The result, 1 in 5 smokers do not have the ability to identify flavors correctly including bitter taste.

“The accumulation of toxic combustion of tobacco or tobacco products can reduce the ability to feel the sense of taste from foods or beverages. Not only bitter taste. Because it turns out they also have a low sensitivity to feel the sense of other tastes. This indirectly can harm health. for example, if a smoker can not taste salty taste of a dish then they will add a lot of salt to the dish. This will make them eat too much salt which causes high blood pressure,” said Nelly Jacob, one of the researchers.

So do you still want to continue your smoking habit? All decisions is in your hands.

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