Are 3D Games Really Dangerous?


play 3d gamesLast week Nintendo issued a warning of eye damage for children under the age of six years old who plays a 3-dimensional game console.

In an official statement on its website, Nintendo warns, users who have children aged below six could experience obstacles in eye development after using 3-dimensional functions on Nintendo’s newest product that does not require special glasses to produce three-dimensional effect.

This is not the first warning because early last year Samsung also had issued a similar warning highlighting the potential dangers of 3-dimensional technology for pregnant women, parents, children, and people with serious medical conditions.

In April 2010, Samsung – which 3D product still needs special glasses – revealed that the 3D technology can trigger attacks in people with epilepsy or cause visual disturbances and dizziness, cramps, convulsions, and movement without conscious.

So, are 3D games really dangerous?

Eye experts doubts the warning. Gail Stephenson, head of the Directorate of Vision Science and Ortoptik University of Liverpool, said, “Until now there has been no research or scientific evidence that shows that 3D technology can damage the eyes of children or adults.” She said according to the Telegraph.

Gail added, on other activities carried out in a long time such as watching television for hours, people will also experience the same symptoms as headaches, blurred vision, and disorientation.

“So, I think the message of the warning is that there must be time to rest eyes while enjoying the 3D technology.”

Nintendo also gave similar advice to users of the newest game consoles to rest eyes every 30 minutes.