Are Children Born to be Happy?


happy toddlerThere is an assumption that all babies are born happy. No matter where they are raised or how parents educate then until they become adults.

But the fact is not that way. Happiness is a form of mood and not an innate characteristic. Moreover, there is no such thing as a happy gene. Therefore not all children are born to be happy.

Lisa Elliot, author of ‘What’s Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life‘ tells us that not all children are born happy.

There are many aspects that makes a child born happy but not because of the baby carriage. Certain aspects of the baby’s natural temperament, as if he was optimistic or pessimistic, shy or brave will likely play a role in determining how a child is happy.

But that does not mean the kids who have the nature of anxiety or irritability will become someone who is unhappy or depressed when they get older.

According to Elliot though temperament is determined by nature, but this does not mean it is permanent. Because temperament is modified by experience to later form a personality.

Another important thing that determines whether the child will be happy or not is the brain’s role. According to Babycenter, the child’s personality is regulated by the frontal brain lobes which determine the source of positive and negative emotions.

Someone will experience a feeling of ‘good’ at the left frontal cortex and the feeling of ‘bad’ at the right frontal cortex.

So people who tend to be happier will have more activity in the left frontal cortex.

In children, the shape of the frontal lobe is based on the experiences of the children and will continue to grow at least until late adolescence.

Therefore, environmental factors and people around them will also affect whether children will be happy or not.