Artificial pancreas is proven effective to control blood sugar


Artificial pancreasGood news for people with diabetes. Recent experiments show that artificial pancreas are proven effective to control blood sugar in patients with diabetes. This is a huge breakthrough for the treatment of diabetes.

Artificial pancreas is a tool that makes ??researchers monitor blood sugar in diabetic patients. This tool will automatically supply insulin according to the patients’ needs. Effective operation of the artificial pancreas means a new hope for patients with diabetes in the future.

Recent research suggests that an important component in this devices, an insulin pump that is programmed to assist patients when blood sugar is very low when they are sleeping, it can work very well in the three month study on 247 patients. Currently, a device called a “smart pump” has been sold in Europe and is under review by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

Even so, the researchers admitted that they still do not know if it could work as well as the original pancreas to constantly inject insulin. They will do more research to find this out.

“This is the first step in the development of better artificial pancreas. Previously we all assume this is just a dream. Yet we have to get the first part right now. Still I think that it will develop better,” said Dr. Richard Bergenstal of Park Nicollet, as reported by CBS News (24/06).

The most worrying time for patients with type 1 diabetes is when blood sugar drops dramatically when they sleep, so that the amount of insulin shot up. This tool is known to stop injecting insulin and stops when patients experience it, on its trial.