Aspirin Prevent Death from Cancer


aspirin cancerAspirin, which is widely used as analgesics (pain relievers), continue to develop their utilization. According to recent reports from British scientists, low-dose aspirin in the long term can reduce the risk of dying from several types of cancer.

In the study analysis which was published in prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, scientists from Oxford University said that the risk of death of 25,000 cancer patients under study was reduced to 20 percent.

However, experts do not want to rush to recommend healthy people to take aspirin. The reason is that side effects of this drug is still found, which is bleeding and a number of other side effects in female patients.

The research conducted by Peter Rothwell his team from Oxford compared patients who took 75 mg aspirin daily for heart disease and those who take placebo pills or other drugs. The 75 mg dose is quite low and are usually used for infant dose. This study lasted for about four years.

The result showed that deaths from prostate cancer and lung cancer can be reduced to 20 percent in the group taking aspirin every day. Meanwhile, the risk of colon cancer deaths decreased 35 percent. However, in breast cancer patient groups, aspirin did not provide significant results.

The reduction in pancreatic, stomach, and brain cancer are difficult to count due to a small death rate.

Experts in the field of cancer have not recommended aspirin to their patients. “We are not yet able to make treatment decisions based on this study,” said Dr. Raymond DuBois, a specialist in cancer prevention at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

One thing which concerns experts is that research is designed to look at the risk of cardiovascular disease so that the comparison group respondents may have different risk factors for death due to cancer.

Aspirin itself has long been recommended for patients with heart disorders. However, aspirin also has serious side effects, such as stomach bleeding and gastrointestinal tract, as well as in the elderly will increase the risk of injury from falls.

Therefore, experts warned, before taking aspirin every day, you should consult with your doctor. For healthy people, the recommended cancer prevention is a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking and reducing fat intake.