Asthma sufferers can breathe more easily by snacking Broccoli


Asthma sufferers can breathe more easily by snacking BroccoliPeople with asthma have respiratory systems that are often impaired. However, recently researchers from Australia found that broccoli can be used as a healthy snack for people with asthma.

How could this be? This is because the vegetable is still a relative with cabbage that contains active compounds that can help asthmatics breathe more smoothly.

“Broccoli contains an active compound called L-sulforephane, which turned out to trick the body’s cells to activate anti-inflammatory and anti-oxygen genes so breathing system opens and it becomes easier for asthmatics to breathe,” said researcher Dr. Tom Karagiannis as quoted by ABC Australia.

Researchers even managed to calculate how many servings of broccoli that asthmatics needs to obtain these benefits, which is two bowls a day.

Not only that, Dr. Karagiannis also recommends that the best benefits of broccoli could be obtained when it is only briefly steamed. And the best part is eating broccoli sprouts, because the concentration of L-sulforephanenya highest.

“When eaten raw it is necessarily bad, so steam it briefly. We also guarantee there will be no active compound missing,” he said firmly.

Dr. Karagiannis also said that two bowls a day is a valid dose for both children and adults.

Even so, Dr. Karagiannis confirms asthmatics still have to follow the doctor’s prescription that has been given respectively. Do not just rely on snacking broccoli to treat your asthma because this is only complementary medicine.

“But in the future we hope to be able to calculate how much concentration is needed and should be consumed how many times a day, for example, to prevent the recurrence of asthma itself,” he concluded.