Avocado Benefits for Skin Beauty


avocado skin beautyAvocados is a fruit rich in nutrients that have been used since centuries ago by the Aztecs society. The fruit that they call ‘ahuacatl’ were initially used as a libido booster food. However, in its development, avocados are not only used as a aphrodisiac, but also for skin beauty.

Avocados contain oil that can nourish the skin. Content of essential fats, vitamins C, E and other nutrients which can provide antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-wrinkle effects to make skin stays young.

Avocados are able to prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin that causes acne, it can also moisturize and protect skin from dehydratio. It is certainly to make the skin glow.

Benefits of avocados are not only that. According to Times of India, avocados have the power to capture adverse effects of ultraviolet light for skin health. Avocados are suitable for all skin types, including treating sensitive skin problems.

Compounds contained in avocados are also effective in healing burns on the skin. In addition to accelerating wound healing, applying the avocado in the skin with burns reduces the scars left behind.