Avoid 6 foods that causes stress!


sugar causes stressSome foods have properties to increase levels of the cortisol hormone or the stress hormone. If you do not want to necessarily get a bad mood, you should avoid foods that cause stress as reported by All Women Stalk.

Saturated fat
Saturated fats not only improve cholesterol in the body, but also triggers the production of excess cortisol hormone that triggers stress.

Refined sugar
Sugar in any form, especially refined, makes blood sugar rise dramatically if consumed in excess ammount. If people is used to eating them, their body can be addictive and release the cortisol hormone until they satisfy it by eating more.

Coffee is actually healthy. However, the caffeine content in it needs to be watched. Because caffeine can trigger stress and worsen mood.

Low fiber
Eating foods low in fiber makes stomach easily get hungry, so you tend to be sensitive and grumpy. In addition, digestion also substandard due to too little fiber intake.

Alcohol is toxic to the liver because the body is unable to break down the compounds in it. As a result, organs feel stressed and release the cortisol hormone as a form of protest.

Purified wheat
Almost the same as sugar, refined wheat should be shunned. Better to choose whole grains that are much more healthy and not stressful.

Those are the variety of foods that cause cortisol levels to rise and trigger stress.