Avoid Dimentia with Mediterranean Diet


Mediterranean DietHealth Tips – Keeping a healthy diet is the key for an excellent memory and avoid the risk of dementia diseases. That is the latest conclusions of a study published in the Archives of Neurology journal.

Mediterranean diet full of fresh and low-fat foods is said to be very useful to prevent dementia. The experts believe, the combination of nutrients contained in fish, nuts, and vegetables, commonly consumed by Mediterranean peoples can maintain the function of brain cells.

Dr.Yian Gu and colleagues from Columbia University Medical Centre in the United States observed the diet of 2148 retired people who live in New York, USA. During the four-year study period, 253 elderly people are suffering from Alzheimer‘s disease, the main cause of dementia.

Those who often eat salad, beans, fish, fruit and vegetables, and rarely eat foods high in fat and red meat, is the respondents who were free of dementia.

The researchers speculate that the combination of nutrients contained in a varied diet is extremely important. Mediterranean diet is rich in  omega 3 and 6, vitamin E and folic acid and vitamin B12.