Avoid eating these 8 foods if you want to live long


Avoid eating these 8 foods if you want to live long

The food industry is growing by leaps and bounds. They offer delicious tastes that are ready to pamper your tongue. But unfortunately, the food industry’s growth is not accompanied by awareness to improve health through the consumption of food. So it is a common thing when you find that cases of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity becoming rampant until recently.

Therefore, here are some foods you should reduce your consumption if you want to be healthier and want to live longer.

Cold coffee or latte
It is nice to drink a glass of cold coffee or latte in the afternoon with friends after leaving work. Moreover, when added with a pleasant chat. However, these types of drinks are high in calories and sugar that can increase your risk for developing diabetes.

Who can resist a sweet and soft donut? If you’re a fan, you should reduce the consumption of these foods because donuts are high in saturated fats, sugar and cholesterol.

Processed foods
Processed foods contain chemicals that are preserved and have high additive that acts as a preservative. Eating these foods could increase your risk for cancer.

Fast food
Fast food is now grown everywhere and are so tempting you to enjoy. But you also have to limit the consumption because it can cause an imbalance in the function of your vital organs.

Fried foods
Fried foods are fun snack, but also high in saturated fat, trans fat, salt, and cholesterol. So the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases that threaten health of your body is there.

Frozen foods
Frozen foods that are sold in supermarkets have high content of preservatives in them which of course is dangerous for health. In addition, these foods are rich in fat and high cholesterol.

Salty foods
High salt content in salty foods tend to be able to increase your weight. So change your salty snack foods with healthy foods.

Soft drinks and sodas
The high content of sugar and additives in these beverages is one factor that increase the risk of diabetes. Besides that, soda could strip your body fluids and lead to dehydration.

It is undeniable that the foods above are easy to find around you. While you can not avoid it, balance consumption of these foods with fruits and vegetables so that your body’s health is maintained.