Avoid Grilled Foods to Cause Cancer


grilled foodsOn a holiday or family gathering, food grilling activity is quite exciting. But, of course you already know that grilled foods contain carcinogenic substances which is a cancer trigger.

To make your grilled food stay healthy, there are actually many things you can do. Denise Snyder, nutrition researcher from Duke School of Nursing, United States, provides easy tricks to reduce the carcinogenic substances in foods that are grilled. Here are those five tricks, according to Bon Appétit Magazine:

1. Add vegetables menu
Do not just grill meat or fish. Grill vegetables as well as supplementary food. Some vegetables actually taste more delicious when grilled. Like tomato, corn or peppers.

2. Do not grill too long
Shorten the grilling time by using a special thermometer for the grill. This is to ensure the food is not grilled too long.

3. Do not forget to flip the food
So that the grilled foods are not overdone, turn it regularly. It will also reduce carcinogen.

4. Remove the fat
When grilling meat, you should get rid of the fat. Or at least reduce it, because the fat on the meat makes it easy to go black.

5. Marinate
Marinate meat, fish or other foods that will be grilled with sauce. Not only to make it taste more delicious but also can reduce the cancer-triggering substances.