Avoid these 10 foods before your wedding!


Everyone would want to look perfect on their wedding day. Therefore, a healthy diet and regular exercise is recommended for the future husband and wife. Also, avoid these foods, as quoted from Boldsky:

Junk food
Say no to a burger, fries, and other types of junk food. Because they are high in calories and lead to weight gain.

Tired of shopping and want to enjoy a refreshing drink? Better you choose cold fruit juice instead of soda. Because fruit juice is much more healthy and satisfying than soda.

Dairy products
Milk and cheese is quite difficult to digest and triggers bloatin that lead to farting too often. So it’s better to avoid dairy products before the first day of the wedding.

Various types of candy and confectionery are also should  be avoided before the wedding takes place. First, they damage the teeth and second, candy causes odor in the mouth.

A cup of coffee in the morning is a pleasure to be enjoyed. But not if you’re going to get married the next day. Because caffeinated beverages will make you easily dehydrated.

Salt or salty foods should be avoided before the wedding day. Because nature of salty foods increase blood pressure and the risk of dehydration ruin your happy day with your family.

This food is healthy, but you need to avoid it before the wedding day. Why? Grains make your stomach bloated and easy to fart. In addition there are certain sugar compounds in it that are hard to be digested by the body.

Reduce consumption of champagne and alcohol. Drinking it will only damage the digestive system and also make you fart often.

Pasta is tasty, but starchy foods should be avoided before the wedding day. Stay away from these foods as well as rice and potatoes.

Whether it’s pudding, cake, or other type of dessert, you better avoid in order not to eat them before the wedding day arrives. They all clearly contain artificial sweeteners and high-calorie, triggering excess weight.

So what foods can be consumed before the wedding day? There are still wheat, vegetables, and fresh fruits that you can enjoy so that your wedding runs smoothly.