Avoid these 5 foods when pregnant!


Avoid these 5 foods when pregnantDuring pregnancy, the mother must be very advisable to eat foods that are nutritious. But in addition to eating a healthy diet, expectant mothers should also avoid some certain foods.

Forbidden foods can be dangerous and cause a miscarriag. Here are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy, as reported by Health Me Up (21/06).

1. Seafood
Sea foods do contain omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for babies. However, you should avoid foods that contain lots of mercury. Seafood that contains mercury can damage the baby’s brain. Avoid salmon, crab, or shark meat. Usually, these are the types of fish that contains mercury.

2. Raw food
It’s important not to eat raw foods. Such foods may contain bacteria and viruses that could threaten the safety of the fetus and the mother. Consume well-cooked food and made of selected materials. Avoid foods that allow bacterial or viral contamination.

3. Drinks that are not pasteurized
Pregnant women should avoid dairy products which do not pass through the pasteurization process correctly. You can eat mozzarella, or skim milk. But avoid cheese such as feta or brie. Make sure you also consume cheese, milk, or yogurt that are hygienic and have been processed correctly.

4. Fruits and vegetables that are not washed
It’s important to cook foods to eat when pregnant. Do not eat food that has not been eaten, raw, or not cooked. Also, do not forget to wash fruits and vegetables and other foods that needs to be washed and cleaned.

5. Caffeine, tea, and alcohol
Avoid caffeine, tea, and alcohol during pregnancy to prevent complications during delivery and birth defects in the fetus. Too much consuming these three types of drinks can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Those are some kinds of foods you should be aware and should not consume during pregnancy. You can consult with your doctor about what foods you should eat to maintain a healthy body and your pregnancy.