Avoid these 9 foods that cause constipation!


ice cream causes constipationConstipation is not a trivial matter that can be ignored. Chronic constipation can cause many fatal health problems on the body. For example, colon cancer as the long-term effects of untreated constipation. So it is very important to detect the cause of constipation and find out what foods can trigger constipation. Here are nine foods that cause constipation, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Ice cream

Ice cream has almost no fiber which can trigger constipation. Added with the content of sugar and milk in ice cream which vulnerable causes bowel obstruction.

2. Chips

Chips that are fried and crisp has no fiber at all. Therefore, avoid too much snacking chips that can trigger constipation.

3. Banana

Bananas are binding foods that can trigger constipation. Therefore, eating too many bananas can cause constipation.

4. Too much dairy

Eating too many dairy products, such as butter or cheese, can slow down your digestion process. Thus, the risk of constipation will increase.

5. Too much rice

Rice has a lot of starch content. And starch acts as a binder of stool, so, eating too much rice can cause indigestion and constipation.

6. Pastries

Pastries are very low in fiber and fluids. And you already know that fiber and liquids are two things you need to be able to defecate regularly and smoothly. Also, added with the content of soda which can disrupt the body’s digestive system.

7. Red meat

Red meat is difficult to digest and have a lot of iron. Iron is the substance that supports the hardening of stools so that it becomes dark and black. That’s why eating red meat should be limited and should not be excessive because it can lead to constipation.

8. Frozen Food

Frozen food saves time and energy to prepare because you only need to heat it. However, frozen food can cause many health problems because it has very low fiber and lots of preservatives that ultimately interfere with bowel movements.

9. Food fried in lots of oil

Using too much oil in frying food can destroy the fiber in the diet. As a result, the foods will hamper your bowel movements so, you become vulnerable to constipation.

Defecation is not smooth, and can lead to increased risk of diseases, such as cancer, hemorrhoids, and tumors. If you do not want to be exposed to the disease, limit your consumption of foods that can trigger constipation.

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