Avoid These Itakes After Exercise


After many hours at the gym or exercising, often your energy is drained. Searching for food and drinks, is clearly what most people would do to restore energy. That’s because the body desperately need the intake of nutrient-rich food to restore energy.

However, not all intakes are good to be consumed after exercise. There are some foods that should be avoided so that the exercises you do is effective and the body feels fit. What are these foods?

Raw vegetables
Vegetables are rich in fiber and vitamins that are good for the body. But, consuming them after a workout, as quoted by Health Me Up, is not the right choice. That’s because raw vegetables is not enough to restore energy after intense exercise. Unless you consume along with the intake of foods rich in protein such as fish, meat, or boiled eggs.

Soda sugary drinks
Spending a lot of sweat and felling thirst is naturally when you exercise. Once completed, cold and sweet drinks indeed sounds very refreshing. But it is best that you do not consume sweet drinks moreover with soda, after exercise.

The reason is that these drinks are very high in sugar. If you want to lose weight, the sugar will slow down your metabolism. Diet and exercise you did before could be ineffective.

Savory Snacks
Potato chips and other savory chips are tempting snacks. However, it contains excessive salt content, which can lower potassium levels in the body. Since potassium is an essential mineral for cell work, with savory foods then the cell does not work effectively. Body recovery after exercise does not take place quickly.