Babies Will Begin to Sleep Quietly After They Are 5 Months Old


baby crySleep deprivation is a common complaint of parents who had just had a baby because their baby would not sleep at night. Now a study shows that a baby will start sleeping quietly through the night after the age of 5 months.

The study, led by Dr Jacqueline Henderson from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, said that parents could realistically expect to have periods of uninterrupted sleep after the baby is 5 months old.

In this study, Henderson and his colleagues saw the pattern of sleep in the first year of life of 75 healthy babies. Assessment is divided into three criteria: infants who sleeps from midnight to 5 am, a baby who sleeps for 8 hours every night and babies who sleeps from 10 pm till 6 am.

Researchers found at the age of 5 months, half of these babies will give the mother and father normal night’s rest, namely sleep from 10 pm till 6 am.

The result which was reported in the Pediatrics journal, also shows that 3-month-old babies usually will begin to sleep from midnight to 5 am, while 4-month-old babies will sleep 8 hours every night but the timing is not regular.

“One source of suffering for a family who just had a baby is hard to sleep quietly and waking up at night,” said Avi Sadeh a child and family clinical psychologist from Tel Aviv, Israel, according to Reuters.

Sadeh said for the baby to sleep soundly at night, parents should create a quiet, dark, with proper temperature sleeping environment and routines and consistent sleep schedule every night.