Baby Strollers Triggers Stress in Babies


baby in strollerIt is much more easier for mothers nowadays to hold or carry their babies. Carriers and  strollers are now often used to help the mothers carry their babies to places they want to go.

A study found that babies who are carried with their face facing front (not facing their mothers) have adverse effects on their growth. A research conducted by Dundee University found that children who are often carried facing front are prone to ups and downs in their development and will make them into anxious adults. The same effect is caused if using stroller facing front.

The study states that babies find it difficult to get parental attention, and rarely talk to their parents. Babies are more likely to suffer from stress and sometimes even experience ‘trauma’. In contrast, children who are carried traditionally are more likely to laugh, listening to their mother and falling asleep while facing their mother shows lower stress levels.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, a psychologist and researcher said, “Our data suggest that for many babies, life in strollers are poor in conversation and stressful. The baby will grow into an adult who is depressed and anxious,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

Professor Catherine Fowler of the University of Sydney reveals, at a very young age, children who are carried facing front will immediately see the activities of adults who are busy. “Imagine you are tied into an object and can not look away from a very crowded situation. Front-facing carriers and strollers creates a very stressful situation.”

However, Robin Barker, Author of ‘Baby Love’, said that as long as the baby is loved and fed, ways of holding a baby will not adversely affect the health of babies. For a newborn it can affect their health, but it does not apply to infants older than three months.

“I do not think there is a problem with letting them see the world before the age of 12 months.”