Bacteria That Makes You Slim


Good bacteria

Good bacteria in the body not only maintain the balance. Good bacteria which relieve diarrhea in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is also able to make your body slim.

People who have this type of good bacteria inside the intestine, has the ability for treating energy and alter fats originating from food changes.

Whereas people experiencing obesity and unhealthiness tend to maintain microbes that improve fat storage process. This is what becomes that factor of their overweight.

A research team from Arizona State University Biodesign Institute, University of Arizona and Mayo Clinic in Arizona discover that everybody has different intestine microbes populations .

Even after someone commits bypass gastric surgery tend to have microbes similar to people with normal weight. The finding has been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Result obtained is still an early stage and could become one new clues for doctors and patients to overcome the growth of obesity epidemic.

“This research shows that organisms differences in body can play at least several roles in reducing weight,” says Dr John DiBaise, a gastroenterologis from Mayo Clinic, as quoted from TIME.

Dr Dibaise say this research allows manipulation of microbes in obesity patients in order to have a normal weight. Microbes also Potentially predict someone’s vulnerability against obesity or overweight.

“But to become slim doesn’t mean someone must consume pro-biotic yoghurt too much. Because dominant strains that existed at people with normal weight does not equal by strain microbes existing inside yoghurt,” said Dr DiBaise.

Beside that, there is no evidence indicating pro biotic products can help lose weight. A scientific study found that probiotic can only lighten diarrhea caused by antibiotic and reduce risks of IBS.

More studies areĀ  required for viewing whether people which lowers weight through diet and sports also occurs microbes composition changes in intestines as happened in people who does gastric bypass surgery.