Bad breath? Try to chew these 6 healthy foods


bad breathThere are many things that are capable of causing bad breath. Ranging from smoking habits to a lack of oral hygiene. Bad breath is surely able to interfere with your social activities.

Therefore when you have bad breath, try to chew these healthy foods.

Cardamom is one of the spices that refreshes your mouth in a natural way. Chew 1 or 2 cardamom to make your breath fresh.

Besides being able to treat coughs and colds naturally, cloves are also able to get rid of your bad breath.

Mint leaves
Most mouth freshener products contain mint in it. So instead of eating products made ??from chemicals, try chewing a few leaves of mint to freshen your mouth.

Besides able to freshen breath, cranberries are also able to resist damage of the mouth, strengthens the gums, and whiten teeth.

Oranges have many health benefits. In addition to aiding weight loss, oranges will also help you improve your oral health and make your mouth fresh.

When having bad breath, try to eat guava. In addition to being good for oral health, guava is also good for maintaining your digestive health.

Bad breath is very disturbing. But you can avoid it by eating the healthy foods above.

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