Bad Habits which are Good for Health


woman drinking wineBad habits are always identical with everything that can endanger one’s health. But there are some bad habits that can help support health.

“Bad habits sometimes allows us to act like children. But what makes a habit good or bad is the condition and also its frequency,” said Dr Daniel J Carlat, a professor of psychiatry from the Tufts University School of Medicine, according to AOLHealth.

Well, here are a few bad habits that can increase a person’s health:

Swearing or cursing
Researchers from Keele University in England found that cursing may have a specific purpose, because it can help reduce physical pain.

In the journal NeuroReport, scientists explain that someone who swore could trigger a fight-or-flight response that can increase heart rate and help the body cope with pain.

Listen to loud rock music
Researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland believes that listening to rock music at high volume can improve concentration and memory.

The study which was reported in the Consciousness and Cognition science journal, divide the participants into three groups, namely participants who listened to classical music, rock music and those in quiet atmosphere.

It was found that participants who listened to rock music can finish a job well done. This is not surprising because generally when listening to rock music, participants are in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Yet this habit should not be done too often and in long time, and do not listen to it through earphones. This is to prevent hearing problems or tinnitus in the future.

Enjoy medium amount of alcohol
Based on the latest research presented at the annual American Heart Association says that consumption of alcohol in moderate amount (one glass a day for men and two glass a day for women), can provide benefits in terms of protecting the heart and prevent strokes.

To get these benefits, the amount of alcohol consumed should not exceed the recommendations.