Bad Lifestyle Causes Oral Cancer


bad lifestyle oral cancerOral cancer cases are happening more in young people. According to a research at Aberdeen University, UK, the trigger is the habit of drinking alcohol, smoking and eating unhealthy foods.

The research was conducted over the past five years on 350 oral cancer patients under 50 years of age. As many as 9 out of 10 cancer patients proved to have a habit of drinking alcohol, smoking and eating less fruit and vegetables in their food menu.

“Cases of cancer in upper digestive tract have increased worldwide and until now has been the biggest improvement in adults under the age of 50,” said professor of epidemiology, Gary Macfarlane.

Researchers then analyzed the findings with 400 other participants who do not have mouth cancer. Besides the effect of an unhealthy lifestyle in cancer development, this study also saw other factors such as genetic and environmental factors.

Bad lifestyle becomes a kind of ‘fuel’ of tumor progression which get bad when they are old. Unhealthy living habits also increase the risk of serious diseases such as cancer at a young age.

“We saw an increase in oral cancer cases¬† which doubled in men aged 40 to 49 years in England during the last 20 years,” said Macfarlane.

Source: Daily Mail