Balding at the age of 40s is a sign of prostate cancer?

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Men who go bald when reaching the age of 40 are more at risk of prostate cancer at an early age.

Scientists observed about 10,000 men who went bald. They also found that those who suffer from hair loss problems are more likely to have early tumors later in life, this is as reported by the Daily Mail.

The findings of scientists from Australia supports previous studies showing that baldness can be associated with prostate cancer. It may also be caused by too high levels of testosterone – the hormone that can trigger the development of cancer cells, but also inhibits the growth of hair.

Men who followed the study had an average age between 40 to 69 years. When the project was started in the early nineties, they were asked to record how much hair they lost during the ages of 20 and 40 years old.

The findings, published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal, showed that men who experience hair loss problem at the age of 40s increased risk of developing early signs of cancer, such as difficulty urinating.

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