Barefoot Children Learns to Walk Earlier


toddlers learn to walkMany Parents like to buy funny and colorful shoes for their kids, they didn’t that in fact walking barefoot is best for toddlers.

According to experts, children who often go barefoot will start walking earlier and their brain development will run optimal.

“Putting shoes on children who are too young could inhibit the ability of the brain and the ability of walking. Toddlers should be used to walk barefoot,” said Tracy Byrne, podiatrist who specializes in podopaediatrics, acording to the Guardian.

According to Byrne, with bare feet, children will learn to balance. With feedback that is felt when stepping on the ground, it will teach children how not to fall.

In addition, walking with bare feet will develop the muscles and ligaments of the foot, increasing the intensity of the arc foot, improve proprioception and contributes to good posture.

“We still have to learn from our origins, which is walking with bare feet. Shoes only designed to protect your foot, if necessary and only temporarily,” said John Woodward, a teacher in the Alexander Technique who had gone barefoot for 25 years.

Human foot at birth are not a  miniature versions of an adult feet. In fact, it does not contain any bones nd only consisted of the mass of cartilage. Over the years, the cartilage will become 28 bones in the adult human leg.

However, this process will not be complete until adolescence, so it is important to often let the feet without obstructions or footwear.

“Unfortunately, most shoes which are marketed for toddlers are not healthy. Most of the shoes are like a small size brick, which are very stiff, has no flexibility on the soles and have too high heels for toddlers,” Byrne exlpained.

Byrne reveals that those kinds shoes are not good for children, especially for toddlers who are learning to walk.

If you want to provide safety for children, look for shoes that are very flexible so it does not slow the development of a child’s feet. But it is best to let the children often walk barefoot.