Be aware of tuberculosis symptoms early!


Be aware of tuberculosis symptomsTuberculosis (TB) is a prevalent health problem in developing countries. For people who have a healthy immune system, the risk of TB 10 per cent only in a lifetime. But if a person’s immune system is bad then the risk will be greater.

Knowing the symptoms of TB early in yourself is important. Sometimes the TB virus will not show any symptoms until the condition of the immune system weakens. Symptoms of TB can be seen only when the infection is active. Then the symptoms will develop over time.

Although the TB bacteria can affect many organs in the body, but the disease usually occurs in the lungs and reproductive areas that make a person infertile. Some of the symptoms of tuberculosis, as reported by Health Me Up (25/03) is a cough that lasts more than two weeks, the mucus is yellow, green, or bleed when you cough, weight loss, fatigue, fever, sweating at night , chills, pain in the chest, an increasingly short of breath, and loss of appetite.

Lack of inspection and knowledge of the symptoms of TB is often a barrier for someone to get the proper treatment. As a result, this can cause a lot of people die without proper treatment due to tuberculosis.

Examination that must be conducted by  TB patient is doing rontgent including chest, mucus test, PCR test to detect the genetic material and bacteria that cause tuberculosis emergence.

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