Be careful, cold feet causes colds

Be careful, cold feet causes colds

During a cold weather you should be aware of some diseases that may infect you. Because the air is cold, then you have to warm up your body, especially your feet. Because the foot is part of the body that are prone to cold.

According to, a study found that feet that are cold is a favorite place for flu germs to invade your body. Even colds can occur without symptoms you attacked first.

“Cold feet temperature makes all parts of your body also becomes cold. The blood vessels in the nose will shrink and your skin becomes white. This occurs because the blood supply to the nose will be reduced, which becomes a reflex action to slow the loss of heat from the body. As a result white blood cells contained in the blood is also reduced. And your body has little power to fight the virus, “said Dr. Ron Eccles, director of Cardiff University’s Common Cold Centre.

“In addition to these factors, cold temperature will slow the movement of the cilia. And hair in the nose which serves to filter out dirt and germs that are able to turn into a disease in the body,” he added.

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