Be careful, drinking herbal tea can cause tooth decay!

Be careful, drinking herbal tea can cause tooth decay!

Tea mainly herbal tea is known to be a healthy beverage. In addition to being healthy, these drinks contain healthy caffeine. So many health experts advise you to drink herbal tea as an antidote to caffeine addiction.

Of the many types of herbal tea, herbal tea with lemon are the most widely consumed. Because you can get a double benefit by drinking this tea. Tea itself is rich in anti-inflammatory substances while lemon is able to clean toxins from your body. But who would have thought that this type of tea is able to endanger the health of your teeth?

“Acid content of the acid in the lemon is erosive to tooth enamel. Enamel which is a protective outer layer will be thin, causing your teeth become sensitive and fragile,” said Andrew Eder, professor of restorative dentistry and dental education at University College London.

“This drink is not harmful to your teeth as long as you always clean the teeth after drinking it. Brush your teeth at least an hour after you drink this tea.”

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