Be careful, sugar can damage these 7 body parts


sugar can damage these 7 body parts

Who doesn’t like to eat sweet foods? Moreover, if the sweet foods are desserts such as pudding, cheese cake, or chocolate. Of course everyone likes it, and so do you. Eating sugar can also provide material talent injection for your brain. But eating too much sugar is also bad for health. For sugar are low in nutrients nutrition and are capable of causing insulin spikes.

According to, here are the bad effects of sugar to your body’s health.

Damage the heart
Eating lots of sugar could damage your heart because the sugar will affect your heart pumping mechanism, increase triglycerides, bad cholesterol (LDL), blood glucose and insulin levels.

Causing cavities
Because digestible sugars, harmful bacteria will easily fit into the mouth and multiply rapidly. These bacteria can cause a variety of dental problems including erosion of enamel, gum disease and tooth decay.

Increase Weight
Fructose in sugar can make a person feel difficult to feel full. So they will tend to eat a lot of food. The result, of course, weight gain us uncontrolled.

Damage liver health
The whole food that enters the body will pass through the bloodstream and lead to your liver. Similarly, with sugar. If consumed in a reasonable amount, then the sugar will not damage the health of your body. But if you eat a lot of sugar, the fructose enters fat in your liver. And when your liver contains a lot of fat in it, then it will be disturbed.

Causes of diabetes
Insulin is a hormone that allows glucose (blood sugar) to enter the bloodstream and also tells the cell to start burning fat instead of glucose. Eating too much sugar can interfere with the action of insulin so as to cause some health problems such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Increase the risk of cancer
Insulin is also one of the hormones that regulate growth and multiplication so that if insulin is increasing, it can cause cancer. Sugar also causes metabolic problems that cause inflammation, which became one of the causes of cancer.

Cause premature aging
Eating lots of sugar capable of causing cell aging. In addition, chronic health problems can also occur due to the high levels of sugar in the bloodstream. So it is not surprising that eating lots of sugar capable of causing premature aging.