Be careful when using antibacterial soap!


Be careful when using antibacterial soap

Most people switch from regular soap to antibacterial soaps because they believe that antibacterial soap is more effective in killing germs or harmful bacteria. If you are one of these people, you should start to be careful from now on. A recent study concluded that the use of antibacterial soaps can bring adverse effects to your health.

The study explains that antibacterial soap is not very effective for killing germs. In addition, when using antibacterial soap, we actually let harmful chemicals enter our bodies. You might be wondering, what are the chemicals in antibacterial soaps, and how these substances enter our bodies when using soap only on the outside of the body?

One of the chemicals that exist in nearly all antibacterial soaps is Triclosan. The chemical name is probably already often you hear. Triclosan is a synthetic antibacterial substances that can be found in all types of body treatments such as soap, toothbrushes, anti-acne creams, and cosmetics. Recently Triclosan is suspected of causing health problems and the current will be observed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The study explains that triclosan could enter the body though the skin just worn out. This is because the chemicals can be absorbed by our skin and into the body. It was discovered after researchers analyzed urine samples from people who regularly use antibacterial soap. They found high levels of triclosan in their urine, as reported by the Health Me Up (8.21).

These results also showed that too much exposure to synthetic chemicals such as triclosan affects hormones and cause problems in pregnant women. Therefore, not only the ordinary people who have to be vigilant when menggungkan antibacterial soap, but also pregnant women. In addition, researchers also revealed that triclosan exposure is too much on the body will develop bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic substances.

Experts further recommend that you wash your hands with plain soap more often than using antibacterial soap. Hand washing and scrubbing for 20 seconds is enough to make hands clean. It would be better if you choose a soap made from organic ingredients and does not contain toxins.