Beautiful skin with a vegetarian diet


Beautiful skin with a vegetarian dietDid you know that a healthy diet can influence a healthy skin condition. But what about the vegetarian diet? Is by eating vegetables and fruits alone can make the skin look beautiful and healthy from the inside?

Before finding the answer, let us see about the side effects of meat against the skin.

First, meat usually contain saturated fats that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Unhealthy blood vessels eventually affects skin condition.

One study even had time to mention that the consumption of red meat can trigger inflammation. So the collagen and skin elasticity is disrupted.

Other studies claim that acne is also triggered by the excessive consumption of animal protein. Researchers even suggested that consumption of leucine – an amino acid found in meat – is completely restricted to prevent acne.

Unfortunately if you give up meat and dairy completely, you can not instantly get a beautiful and healthy skin.

“The benefits that can be obtained from a vegetarian diet for health is if you manage to replace the calories equivalent to meat and dairy products are left out,” said Kristin Kirkpatrick, a nutritionist from YouBeauty, as quoted by the Huffington Post.

That’s because vegetables and fruits contain high water content than meat. So eating vegetables and fruits helps keep skin moist, supple, and naturally emit light from within.

However, because the calorie in vegetables and fruits is relatively low, vegetarian diet requires that you eat them in large portions.

“Especially vitamin C, a nutrient that is used for the metabolism of collagen to improve skin elasticity, smoothness and reduces wrinkles,” Kirkpatrick suggests.

You can get the best vegetarian diet intake of papaya, strawberry, orange, kale, lemon, cauliflower, and garlic. So, are you interested in being a vegetarian?

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