Becoming a father helps men lose weight


Becoming a father helps men lose weightBecoming a father is one of the benefits for men who are overweight to lose weight, says a study. Research conducted by Weight Watchers suggests that men are more likely to go on a diet when they have a baby.

Men desire to lose weight is higher when they become fathers than when they were persuaded by the doctor or to please their partner. While  research shows that eating curry, beer, and bread are the things that can make a father gain weight fast.

The results obtained after researchers conducted a poll of 1,000 fathers about how having a baby can help them to be more active to lose weight.

Approximately 38 percent of men say they want to lose weight because they owe closely on the health of their children and do not want to lower heart disease to their child. While about 37 percent of fathers say they want to be healthy in order to enjoy more time and do a lot of things with their children.

While 31 percent of men who become participants claimed that weight loss will be a good example for their children. Interestingly, about 11 percent of fathers want to lose weight to look more okay when compared with other fathers while the kids go to school.

Whatever the reason, it appears that having a child can give their own reason for fathers to lose weight.