Beer Without Alcohol Improves Body Endurance of Marathon Runners


Tired RunnerAthletes, especially marathon runners are susceptible of contracting infections, because exhaustion will weaken the immune system. This condition can be prevented by drinking beer every day, but the beer should not contain alcohol.

With or without alcohol, beer will contain polyphenols which are compounds to improve endurance. But for athletes, alcoholic beer of course is not suitable because of their side effects which can weaken the muscles.

This side effect on muscle can be avoided because now a lot of beer are sold without alcohol. The benefits of polyphenols can be obtained, while muscle strength is maintained to perform strenuous exercise that requires such a high resistance like in a marathon.

The benefits of beer without alcohol for marathon runners have been proved by scientists from the Technical University in Munich, Germany recently. The study, led by Dr. Johannes Scherr involved 277 male runners who competed in the Munich Marathon event.

A few weeks before the marathon race was held, researchers took blood samples of participants to know whether there are specific compounds that indicate the presence of inflammation due to infection. Blood sampling was also conducted during the race and several days afterward.

In addition, some participants were asked to consume 1 to 1.5 liters of nonalcoholic beer every day since 3 weeks before the race until two weeks after. Some others were given a placebo drink, with the same taste but do not contain polyphenols.

“Among the runners who drink nonalcoholic beer, the incidence of Upper Respiratory Infections (ARI) are 3.25-fold lower than the group that received only placebos,” wrote Dr. Scherr in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal, according to the NYTimes.

These results indicate that the polyphenol compounds in nonalcoholic beer actually helps inhibit the self multiplication or viral replication. Polyphenols only increase endurance, then the immune system will combat viral infections or other germs.