Belly Fat Is More Dangerous Than Fat Beneath the Skin



Obesity seemed to be the latest trends nowadays including the increase of belly fat. Ironically, those who are overweight have higher risk of suffering from various chronic diseases such as diabetes and even heart attacks. But, there is something even more dangerous than obesity itself. It is even known that a big belly will increase your blood pressure.

A study revealed that skinny fat or thin people but have a fat belly, face greater danger than obese people. Why can this be? What more, if not because of their abdominal fat or belly fat.

Researchers from Boston University tried to find whether there is a link between changes in abdominal fat and cardiovascular disease risk factors a person has. For this study, researchers observed 1,106 middle-aged participants for six years.

With CT scans, the researchers tried to compare the effect of adipose tissue that is under the skin and adipose tissue in the abdomen from time to time. In that period, participants experienced an increase in subcutaneous fat on average by 22 percent and 45 percent of belly fat.

Interestingly, from these changes the researchers could see the impact of the presence of adipose tissue on the heart health of participants. Increasing fat and the decrease of fat density, and blood pressure and triglycerides (fats in the blood) of participants also increased. Participants’ risk of metabolic syndrome increases.

Researchers acknowledge the increase of adipose tissue under the skin and belly equally have an impact on heart health, but the increase in abdominal fat certainly trigger a greater influence.

Researcher Dr. Caroline Fox said that the addition of belly fat leads to greater heart disease risk factors , no matter how much weight gain that occurs, which has not been found before.

From this study, researchers concluded that measuring the amount of fat that is ‘hidden’ in the stomach and its density, could be the most accurate way to determine whether someone has an ideal or healthy body weight or not.

As reported by The Sun, Fox  later stated that fat under the skin is protective because it serves as a place to store excess fat.

Previous research also states that excess abdominal fat triggers the risk of heart disease that is higher than excess fat in other body parts. Is is also known that belly fat has been associated with cancer risk, other cardiovascular disorders and death.