Beneficial Side Effects Of Drugs


Each treatment usually have side effects for the body. These side effects are often considered as something harmful, but there are also side effects which has beneficial impact.

One of the most popular example is the use of sildenafil or viagra that was originally intended as a therapy to overcome angina. The patients who were involved in clinical trials experienced side effects which were actually very helpful, viagra was then used as an impotence therapy.

Here are some types of treatment that pharmacists in England believe can provide beneficial side effects. But remember, the patient is not allowed to use these drugs just for hoping the side effects.

According to Neal Patel, spokesman for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the benefits gained from the side effects of these drug is not necessarily proportional to the risks faced by patients.

1. Eye drops for hair growth
Some kind of eye drops for glaucoma problem turned out to bring more benefits. A drug called Latanoprost, which was originally intended to solve problems of vision, in some patients was found to stimulate the eyelashes become thicker and longer. Experts are developing research to explore the possibility whether this drug can be used for the treatment of hair loss or alopecia.

2. Diabetes drugs prevents cancer
Metformin, a drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, potentially reduce the risk of cancer. The experts at Oxford University, is currently doing research and clinical trials of the drug as a potential anti-cancer.

Diabetics are people who are vulnerable to some cancers, but early studies mention that these risks can be reduced to a third after using metformin to control blood sugar levels.

Metformin has also been reported to protect from Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from Dundee University found the drug prevent the formation of kind of protein which triggers the blockages in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients, which lead to the destruction of memory cells.

3. Statins improve sex quality in men
Cholesterol-lowering drugs are used by millions of people to protect against heart disease. However, these drugs are also potentially more beneficial for men in particular.

Statins may help improve the sexuality of male patients who are not successful with Viagra therapy. Around one in three male who are impotence sufferers do not give a positive response to Viagra therapy.

Even so, experts at the University of Pennsylvania states that most men show a better therapeutic response when Viagra is combined with Lipitor, another type of statin.

Patients who undergo prostate cancer therapy also gets additional benefit from statins. Their chances for relapse was reduced by 30 percent thanks to the use of statins.

4. Hypertension drugs for weight loss
Patients who use diuretics, prescribed to control high blood pressure by stimulating the body’s release of urine, admit that they often experience weight loss. But these side effects are usually used to monitor how far the hypertension can be controlled, so that it is not an actual weight loss.

According to experts, diuretic helps get rid of excess fluid which is retained by the body because the heart is unable to work efficiently.

5. Birth control pills prevent ovarian cancer
Oral contraceptives can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and continues to protect women, although they have stopped their consumption. Every five years women who uses combined oral contraceptives (estrogen and progesterone), experience a 20 percent decreased risk of ovarian cancer.

By using Pill for 15 years, the threat of cancer can be avoided. Epidemiologists from the University of Oxford discovered the benefits of birth control pills are unexpected. They estimated the pill has saved almost 100 thousand people in the world.

6. Aspirin for depression
As reported before, painkillers is also helpful to reduce the risk of colon cancer deaths by 30 percent. Researchers at Oxford University found that consumption of 75 mg aspirin every day for 5 years also reduce cancer risk by 25 percent. One theory that emerged are that several types of cancer are associated with blood clotting.

Aspirin also has other beneficial effects. A research published in the Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics journal mentions that these drugs alleviate depression. Research in Australia showed that female patients who takes aspirin for at least 6 months in the past decade tend to avoid the depressive disorders. According to experts, these benefits can not be explained by lifestyle factors, but rather in the improved blood flow and decreasing inflammation.

7. Valium relieves pain
Diazepam is better known as Valium, is a medication prescribed for anxiety disorders. But the calming effect also affects the muscles, and the use of the epilepsy patients are proven to relieve cramps during the attacks.